Project Description

Dungeon Exploration Prototype is complex prototype for a developing game aimed for Android platform. In this project, I developed flexible dungeon components such as ledge, climbable wall and gate, that could interact with player in any position or rotation.

Besides, I developed complex Mecanim locomotion system which allows the game character to:

1. Walk through the ledge
2. Climb the wall
3. Lift the gate
4. Hold the gate while another player crawls through the gate, then Drop the gate
5. Attack, Walk, Run, and Roam with smooth transition between animations

On top of that, I developed multiplayer system with Photon Unity Networking, featuring:

1. Multiplayer Gameplay with Interaction between Players possible
2. Multiplayer Interaction between Game Character and Dungeon Components
3. Lobby System that allows players to Create and Join room freely
4. NGUI Integration into Multiplayer Gameplay

Project Details

  • Client

    Clayton Lilly

  • Skills

    • Unity3D
    • C#
    • Android
    • Photon Unity Networking
    • NGUI