I was testing app on iPad Pro, and met this critical error in Xcode: , line 913: error ‘MTLTextureDescriptor has a PVRTC pixel format (MTLPixelFormatPVRTC_RGBA_4BPP) set with non-square and/or non-power of two dimensions.’ Turns out that Metal Graphics API causes this error. The solution is to: 1. Go to File > Build Settings > Other Settings 2. Under Rendering section, check of ‘Auto Graphics API’ 3. Remove ‘Metal’ from Graphics APIs. Many

Update: Blue Matter is available in Google Play store too! Download it and let me know what you think. My first game, Blue Matter, is finally out on iOS App Store! You can download it here. And behold, the glorious game intro video: The gameplay is as straightforward as its story. As a player, you will help a Blue Matter to escape from evil AntiMatters, and all you need to