Blue Matter is on App Store!


Update: Blue Matter is available in Google Play store too! Download it and let me know what you think. :)

My first game, Blue Matter, is finally out on iOS App Store! You can download it here.

And behold, the glorious game intro video:

The gameplay is as straightforward as its story. As a player, you will help a Blue Matter to escape from evil AntiMatters, and all you need to do is to teleport the Blue Matter so it can dodge the falling AntiMatters, before they crush it!

Survive for 200 seconds and you will escape successfully, which means you win, but your finger’s muscle and focus will be tested during this period, so expect yourself to be a bit nervous in game. Let’s see how long you can survive!

Now onto personal story, Blue Matter is my second Unity3D project in these 2.x years, but the first game published on App Store. It is developed as a mini game, and I’m planning to release more mini games these months to see what you, the casual gamer, really like.

That said, feel free to comment what you think about this game, and what feature you will like to be added into this game, or the next one. Thank you!

Badass Checker


8 months ago I was having 3 diseases at once, and they drove me into insanity, thus this simple yet funny web app, Badass Checker is born during my struggle to distract from pain. Don’t expect it to be sane then.

How it works – just provide your birthday date and current shirt color, and the checker will tell how badass you are. For me, it’s:

I smoked with the trojan man because I’m good in bed.

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Welcome to ATK9999!

Never thought 8 years later I will have a chance to make game development as my job, but here I am (No, Adele is not going to roll here).

That said, ATK9999 is a game development studios, but it’s currently all about me and my games, and I planned to keep it relatively small, forever.

With this site, I will publish all news and updates about my games. If you will, we can talk about bugs and/or features for my existing or upcoming games. I’m excited for this! Actually that’s why I make this site a blog. We can also chat in comment as you know, game developer is kinda lonely. Very, in fact.

Besides, I will discuss thoughts and data regarding game development, and maybe some tips or tricks for aspiring developers. You’re also welcomed to correct my mistakes and perspectives, as I highly appreciate them! Just be gentle.

Last but not the least, thanks for visiting this site, feel free to play around!

Hello world!

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